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Patriot (All Models) wipers size

The Patriot factory produced (All Models) models from 1993 to 1994. In total, Patriot (All Models) was produced for 2 years.

For different generations of Patriot (All Models) model, wiper blades with dimensions such as 24" (610 mm) driver's side were installed. For more information, see the table below.

Patriot (All Models) Wiper Blades Size Chart

The table below shows the factory dimensions of the wiper blades for Patriot (All Models) models produced in 1993-1994.

Table legend:

  • 1 column (from 1993 to 1994) - year of manufacture
  • 2, 3 and 4 columns (24" (610 mm) driver's side) - the size of the wiper from the side indicated in the header

Production year Driver's side Passenger side Rear side
1993 24" (610 mm) x x
1994 24" (610 mm) x x

Sizes of wipers for other Patriot models